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Notes from the Pastor–Life-giving Lent Pt. 4

Life-Giving Lent

Thursday of Holy Week

Three more days to Easter!  And below, another week of Life giving Lent.

March 25 Saturday—the 22nd day of Lent.  I was moved by the number of Holy Cross people who came to help with the set up and clean up for Teresa Edward’s memorial service.  Thank you, Deb Reilly for organizing and thank you everyone else for showing up and helping!  A LGHC Award to Deb and her team!

March 27 Monday—the 23rd day of Lent.  I have to compliment Jeremy on everything he brings to Holy Cross.  He is not just a musician—he is a church musician.  He understands that worship is more than a performance and it is a joy to work with him.  He is a real gift to Holy Cross.  Another LGHC for Jeremy Shoop!

March 28 Tuesday—the 24th day of Lent.  And, how can I not comment on our Sanctuary Choir and our Bell Choirs and all they add to our worship life?  Luther said, “Next to the word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.”  While some may quibble with Luther’s use of the superlative, music is certainly life giving.  An LGHC for the music program at Holy Cross.

March 29 Wednesday—the 25th day of Lent.  Our Confirmands, Thomas Newcomb and Daniel Contreras get the LGHC Award.  They are faithfully attending our Lenten Midweek services and helping lead worship.  They bring energy and freshness to worship.  I am grateful for their participation!

March 30 Thursday—the 26th day of Lent.  The Altar Guild gets the LGHC Award today.  This crew works quietly behind the scenes to ensure that worship goes smoothly.  During Lent, with all the extra services, many of which are unique, Altar Guild puts in many extra hours.  Thank you, Altar Guild, for your service!

March 31 Friday—the 27th day of Lent.  Amusing photos of Luther the Lion are appearing in my message feed! Luther’s antics bring a smile to my face!  He definitely fits into the category of what is life giving at Holy Cross.  A LGHC award goes to Luther, our Social Media Ambassador!

April 1 Saturday—the 28th day of Lent.  I am not at church today, but I am thinking about everything that is going on at Holy Cross.  MB is hosting coffee and donuts this morning.  A women’s AA group is meeting.  Our 7th Day Adventist brothers and sisters are worshipping in our sanctuary.  During the week, in addition to our ESOL program and other activities, this facility is used by Boy Scouts and other community groups.  This building contributes to the life of the Herndon community.  So, today’s LGHC goes to all the HCLC’ers, past and present, who built and continue to maintain this facility.

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