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What To Expect

Sunday Worship Times : 8:30am & 11:00am

When visiting Holy Cross Lutheran Church, the first person you will meet are our Greeters & Readers. They will be holding the door open and giving you a warm welcome to our Church. Our ushers will hand you a worship bulletin and weekly update for all the up coming events at HCLC. Feel free to read through any of the hand outs or pew cards to learn more about who we are while you wait for the service to begin.

Once you are seated, worship will begin with a greeting from the Pastor and a few announcements from the congregation. This is also a time for anyone with prayer concerns to stand up and ask for a special prayer to be said during the service. Our Director of Music Ministry, Jeremy, will then start us off with a joyful prelude as we gather ourselves together for worship. After prayer, gathering hymns, and one or two lessons from the Bible, the sermon will follow. Depending on the season, we usually have a quick sharing of the Peace where you are invited to shake hands with any one sitting near by in the pews. When it comes time for Holy Communion, the bulletin will explain whether we are taking regular communion or by Intinction. Lastly, we close our worship with prayer and a sending hymn. Hymn singing is one of our favorite parts of worship, we use the red book known as Evangelical Lutheran Worship, or ELW for short. The hymns we sing are chosen carefully to enrich the meaning of worship and the celebration of the season. Since the full hymns are not normally printed in the bulletin, their numbers are.

Our ushers are there to answer any questions you have, but you are also encouraged to ask the person next to you for help if you need it!

It is our hope that worshiping with us will be a joyful, meaningful experience, we can’t wait to see you in the pews!

Holy Cross Lutheran Church    |    1090 Sterling Road    |    Herndon, Virginia 20170