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Council and Staff


Church Council

President – the President acts as the voice of the congregation, calls to order and sets agenda for Council meetings, works in partnership with the Pastor to achieve the mission of Holy Cross Lutheran Church, organizes annual Congregational meetings, and oversees proper functioning of each ministry.

Vice President – the VP assists the President in performing all their duties to the church, serves as President when the President is unable to do so, and works hand in hand with all ministries to help carry out their missions to the church.

Secretary – the Secretary keeps accurate minutes of Congregational and Council meetings, ensures minutes are made available for the congregation and voting members prior to next scheduled meeting, and is responsible for church correspondence and official church seal.

Treasurer – the Treasurer is the keeper of all church financial records, reports the financial status of the church to Council and Congregation, monitors monthly financial position and available funds in accordance with the church budget, and assists with preparing the new budget each fiscal year.

Christian Education – the Christian Education chair oversees all educational activities of the church (primarily the Sunday School program), ensures materials are in line with the ELCA approved teachings, and promotes Christian Education events for Pre-K through Confirmation age. After Confirmation, our newest church members are encouraged to become active with the Youth Program.

Community Outreach – the Community Outreach chair organizes support for those in need in our local community, leads organized efforts to give back to our neighbors, and provides opportunities for the members of the congregation to do something good for others in the name of Jesus Christ.

Evangelism – the Evangelism chair offers a warm invitation to worship at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, strives to reach those in need of the Word of God, greets all who visit on Sunday Morning, sends personal welcome to all new visitors and assists with new member classes.

Fellowship – the Fellowship chair encourages fellowship among the congregation at Holy Cross Lutheran Church by arranging brunches for members to commune together, and fosters a spiritual, friendly environment by organizing gatherings for current and future worshipers.

Personnel – the Personnel chair serves as liaison between the Church and the Church Staff, establishes employee job classifications, benefits, and policies, gives recommendations on leadership and development needs, as well as serves in an advisory capacity for staff members of the church.

Property – the Property chair watches over the physical structure of Holy Cross Lutheran Church both inside and outside, ensures there is a plan for current and future facility needs, and oversees contracted services that fall under their authority.

Stewardship – the Stewardship chair prepares programs which promote the Christian use of time, talent and financial resources and invites congregants to use all of the gifts that God has entrusted to their care, both inside and outside of the congregation.

Worship & Music – the Worship & Music ministry assists the Pastor and Music Director to ensure church services are conducted in accordance with the liturgy and oversees the planning of ushers, acolytes, altar guild, assisting ministers, choir and musicians for each Sunday Worship.

Youth – the Youth chair oversees the youth program of Holy Cross Lutheran Church. They coordinate opportunities for youth fellowship as well as opportunities to serve the community and grow together in faith. The Youth chair organizes and supports youth fundraising for annual ELCA National Youth gathering.