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Notes From The Pastor – Life-Giving Lent Pt. 5

I am writing this after our Maundy Thursday service.  Tonight, we heard Jesus commandment that we love one another.

My mother used to say that work is love made visible.  When I think about all the activities around Holy Cross, all the work that people do here, I realize I am seeing your love in action.

Friday of Holy Week

April 3 Monday—the 29th day of Lent   I am grateful for our Communion Ministers who carry communion to those who cannot join us for Sunday morning worship.   This is a quiet but powerful ministry.  It helps connect those who are homebound with this community of faith.  It is an expression of caring. So, I want to say thank you to Pat Gaverick, Ann Geiger, Deb Reilly, Mike Rose, Bob Thompson for their willingness to share their time and their faith with others.  You are a blessing!  To you—the LGHC Award!

April 4 Tuesday—the 30th day of Lent   Today I attended the Bishop’s Lenten Eucharist at Faith Lutheran Church in Arlington VA.  It was good to worship with my colleagues.  I am grateful we have a synod that makes these gathering possible. And frankly, the synod would not be able to support congregations and their pastors were it not for the generosity of all of you.  Your offerings, your benevolence, provides for the needs of the synod.  So, to all of you who contribute financially to Holy Cross, thank you—not only for what you contribute to God’s mission through this congregation, but also for what you contribute to God’s mission in the wider world.  The financially generosity of this church gets a LGHC award! 

April 5 Wednesday—the 31st day of Lent.  I overheard Jeremy ordering sandwiches for the Lenten supper.  Did you know that Jeremy quietly stepped into the breach and made sure we had soup and sandwiches for our five weeks of Lenten suppers?  Once again, the LGHC award goes to Jeremy. 

April 6 Thursday—the 32nd day of Lent.  Did you know that Sally Moser gives the best hugs?  She is such a lovely human being with such a positive spirit and the most beautiful smile. If you are in need of a lift—ask Sally for a hug!  To Sally, a LGHC!

April 7 Friday—the 33rd day of Lent   As Holy Week approaches I can’t help but give thanks for the worship and music committee.  I also rejoice in the team of volunteers: those who read, those who usher, assisting ministers, communion ministers and our acolytes and crucifers. Thank you for your extra service during this most busy time of the year.   All of you deserve a LGHC! 

April 8 Saturday—34th day of Lent   I couldn’t join you for the work day but I was with you in prayer.  The place looked great on Sunday morning when I arrived.  Thank you, Joy for organizing this.  Joy and her team get the LGHC award!

April 10 Monday—the 35th day of Lent  What can I say?—Yesterday’s Pub Trivia Fellowship/ Evangelism Event definitely merits the LGHC! We had fun plus we brought Holy Cross to the community.  I left feeling excited and joyful about the opportunity to invite people to “Come and See.”  To all who participated in this event—an LGHC!


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