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Notes From the President – December and Loss

At our November Council meeting, Deb Reilly led our devotion. It was the week after the election and she read an article to us explaining how listing the things you have to be grateful for is an excellent stress reliever. So we went around the Council table listing the things we were thankful for and there were many. Sometimes though, gratitude is really difficult to grab hold of. When life hits you with a blow that almost knocks you off your feet, it’s easier to crawl into a hole than lift up your head and say thanks God.

I am writing this column having just learned that our dear friend and beloved sister in Christ, Judy Odam, died suddenly and unexpectedly. It is hard to fathom Holy Cross without her. She was a constant presence and gave boundlessly of her time and talents. I know she is now among the saints with God, but quite honestly I’d rather she were here with us. And yet I feel so blessed to have known her, to have been led by her example, to have been graced with her presence for so long. And so I am grateful for the gift of God she was, and will continue to be to our church family.

And now we are in the season of Advent and the time of Christmas, the time when “the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out” John 1:5. As a church our life moves on. We continue the process of preparing to call a new Pastor and trust that God will guide us. We are most thankful for the leadership of Pastor Kleiber and the work of so many of you keeping our ministry going. Christmas is also the time when wishes come true. My wish for all of us that God continues to bless us abundantly and that we continue to rejoice in His blessings.

Have a happy Christmas!

As always, God bless us all!

Suzanne Flegal

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