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Notes from the Pastor – The Stewardship Question…

Many, many thanks!  You have been financially faithful in 2016.   Your offerings allowed us to close the books on 2016 in the black.  Because of you, Holy Cross Lutheran Church has been able to carry out the ministries to which Christ has called us in 2016.  It is an honor and a privilege to serve such a faithful and generous congregation.

As we look forward to our life together in 2017, once again I commend the insights of poet Ann Weems.  She reframes the stewardship question in a way I find provocative.

Whether or not you made a pledge for 2017, and I thank those forty-eight individuals and families who did pledge, I ask you to consider your personal spending plan in 2017.  How will you spend what God has given you? 

If pledging helps you make such a spending plan, then use that as a tool. If pledging is not a useful or comfortable tool for you, I encourage you to sit down and write out your own plan for faithful and cheerful spending in 2017.  Check back with your plan in six months.  Are you on track?  Are you spending what God has given you in a faithful and cheerful manner?

May we all be faithful and cheerful spenders in 2017!

Pastor Margrethe

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