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Confirmation Classes Begin! (7th & 8th Grade)

Confirmation is Back!
Note From Pastor: I LOVE Confirmation! It’s one of the most fun and rewarding things I do as a pastor! Last year I had hoped to begin a new Confirmation class, but the complexities of COVID variants and trying to get our congregation’s worship and programs up and running again simply overwhelmed those ambitions. This fall, we are in a very different place, and I want to offer this important opportunity to our young people and their families. I am hoping we can do this in an in-person classroom setting, but I also realize that we will likely need to have a hybrid option. The great news is that we have the experience and capabilities to do both!

This fall we will be offering Confirmation instruction. Confirmation is typically a two-year program of spiritual and faith development offered to Middle School members (7th and 8th grade, especially,
although we can go younger or older, if needed) that offers a deeper exploration into the basics of Christian faith and our Lutheran heritage, expression, and worship. The first year introduces the learners to the Bible and highlights the key stories of God and God’s people, especially the central saving event of Jesus the Christ and his reconciling work for us all. Year two highlights the story of Martin Luther, a 16th century Augustinian monk who struggled to find peace with God. The story of his encounter with God’s grace and unconditional love and the subsequent Reformation it began, is deeply woven into our theology and practice today. During this second year, we will use Luther’s Small Catechism and his teachings on the basics of Christian faith.

If you have a young person who is ready for the journey of Confirmation instruction, please let Pastor Martin know. Details as to how we meet (virtual, in-person, or both) and when will be worked out later.