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Update on Hurricane Matthew from ELCA Lutheran Disaster Response

Hurricane Matthew ripped through the Caribbean and southeastern U.S. coast, leaving hundreds of casualties, thousands of homes destroyed and millions of people displaced and without power. Lutheran Disaster Response has committed to being present internationally and here in the U.S. Learn more about the different responses:


In Haiti alone, there have been 473 confirmed casualties. Many more were injured and about 75 are still reported missing. More than 2.1 million have been affected by the hurricane, with over 1.4 million in need of assistance according to a report from OCHA. Lutheran Disaster Response, through key partners on the ground, is helping to provide emergency relief, addressing the immediate needs of the most affected communities. We are also working directly with the Lutheran Church of Haiti (ELH). We will continue to accompany our companions, partners, and the people of Haiti through this emergency.

Read more on the ELCA website here…

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