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The Gatherings Are Coming!!

Beginning at the end of August or the start of September, about a dozen members of the congregation will open their homes to invite you for an evening (or afternoon; maybe even brunch) as part of our annual Gathering outreach. The primary purpose of these event is to connect members of the congregation to one another. If you have only met other members of the Holy Cross congregation on a casual basis, please take the opportunity to come to one of these events and get to know your fellow members better!

We use these gatherings to not only connect with one another but to find out what’s on your mind about our church. What are we doing well? What should we be doing that we are not doing? Should we stop doing something altogether? Feedback from previous years have told us that you are timid about attending these events because you think there is going to be a “full court press” about church finances and a direct appeal to your wallet. The fact is that the focus of the event is to build camaraderie amongst the Holy Cross community.

You’ll see the sign up list appear in the narthex towards the end of July.

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