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Notes from the President

We are entering a most important and challenging time in our Life at Holy Cross. The Transition Team is approaching the end of its task in preparing to call a new Pastor and Church Council will be gathering a list of nominees for the Call Team. The Call Team will be elected from the nominees at our Annual Meeting on January 22 (with a back- up date of January 29 in case of inclement weather). The Call team will ultimately select a candidate to present to the Congregation to call to as our next Pastor. At that same meeting we will be voting on new members for Church Council., and for Church Trustees. And of course we will vote on a budget to support our work. As Luke tells us, “These were his instructions to them: “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.” Let’s all pray that the Spirit will move the people needed to serve in these rolls to eagerly step forward.

While we move into the future, we live in the present. We welcomed our Confirmands into their new status as adult members of our church on Reformation Sunday. On November 6, we will welcome new several members into the family. The Evangelism Team again sponsored our free water and snacks table for the Herndon Homecoming Parade. We gave away over 600 bottles of water and a seemingly unending supply of snacks. During that time we were approached by a member of the Glean Team, a group that collects leftover but good produce from the Herndon Farmer’s Market. This food will be donated to our ESOL students, many of whom are in need of this help.

While Pastor Kleiber was at her Continuing Education Seminar on Stewardship, Pastor Angela Zimmann from Gettysburg Seminary joined us in worship and Sunday School. She discussed the changes taking place at the Seminary and the challenges churches face because of the few people answering the call to the Ministry. She also presented the opportunity to tour the Seminary, which for History buffs includes an award winning Civil War Museum. The idea intrigues me and sometime in the new year, I’d like to gather a group to take advantage of this.

Finally, thanks to all of you for supporting Holy Cross with your offerings, work and prayers. I truly believe God is leading us to grow in His work and thrive in His love.

As always, God bless us all!

Suzanne Flegal

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