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Notes from the Pastor – Life-giving Lent Pt. 2

For those of you who missed my March Newsletter article, my Lenten discipline is to remark upon what I find life giving at Holy Cross.  The idea is to name one person, one event, or one aspect of this congregation that I am grateful for or which inspires me for each day of Lent.

So, I am reflecting on the past 40 days.  On each day of Holy Week, I will share with you what I’ve discovered about Holy Cross this Lent.

Tuesday of Holy Week

March 9 Thursday—the eighth day of Lent.  Lori Newcomb texted me on Sunday with excellent post-surgery advice—hold a pillow to your tummy when laughing, sneezing and coughing.  Her advice works!  I can enjoy Anne’s jokes.  So Lori gets the LGCH award!

March 10 Friday—the ninth day of Lent.  My house is filled with flowers—the altar guild sent a beautiful arrangement and it still looks great!  My mailbox is full of cards and yes, more jokes.  So, thank you Altar Guild and everyone who sent cards!  Thank you Suzanne and Joe Flegal for more fruit!  My cup runneth over with everyone’s prayers and good wishes.  LGCH goes to…well too many folks to name!

March 11 Saturday—the tenth day of Lent.  Pr. Leila Ortiz gets the LGCH award.  It was a gift to rest this Sunday in the knowledge that Holy Cross was being cared for by someone who loves this congregation.

March 13 Monday—the eleventh day of Lent—I’m back to work, slowing easing into things.  It’s life giving just being here.  Eve has been a trooper—she’s been trying to get ready for her class trip to Cuba and then, of course, the pastor has to disappear on her for a couple of weeks.  But Eve cheerfully carries on.  I am grateful for Eve—so she gets another LGHC award.

March 14 Tuesday—the twelfth day of Lent—Anne’s Pi π day jokes came!   Who knew there was such a genre!  Another LGHC goes to Anne Geiger!

March 15 Wednesday—the thirteenth day of Lent  Judy Keller was here, helping cover for Eve.  It is wonderful to see how people step up and pitch in when there is a need.  Thank you, Judy!  You deserve a LGHC award.

March 16 Thursday—the fourteenth day of Lent  Deb Reilly was here helping cover the office during Eve’s absence.  I appreciated her warmth, especially when she graciously received folks who came in to plan a memorial service.  Thank you, Deb, for a grace-filled presence that brings compassion to all you do!  You get a LGHC!

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