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News from the President – Sighs, and Smiles

As I started to write this I got an email with our Offering for last Sunday (July 24). As you see from our Treasurer’s reports, we are running behind our income matching our expenses and it’s hard not to be concerned about that, even though summer is usually a slow time. Please be as generous as you are able in supporting Holy Cross. While we know that God will provide, it’s always comforting to see tangible evidence of that. Sigh.

After almost two years of struggling to find a way to use the windows donated for the Fellowship Hall and restore the Firewall that was unknowingly breached, our Church Council has most reluctantly come to the conclusion that we do not currently have the resources to do so. We have faced several significant repairs that have depleted the I & D fund, and the choices we had to install the windows and restore the fire wall were prohibitively expensive. We will keep the windows safe and hope to find a way to use them, but now it is time to move forward.  Sigh.

The Transition Team has begun its work and is making progress. I hope many of you will be willing and able to take a part in this. We get a bit closer each day to learning about ourselves and the path God wants us to take. Smile.

We continue to receive positive feedback on our combined service. Please be sure to let us know your thoughts. Smile.

I’m looking forward to Vacation Bible School! And I love the Children’s Sermons and I am thankful for Pastor Kleiber’s lead and inspiration! Smile.

Once again the Community Garden is blooming away and we are able to share its bounty with the Embry Rucker Shelter. Thanks to the efforts of young and old for making this happen. Smile.

Our landscaping plan implementation (thank you Deb Reilly) is underway with more to come, thanks to mulch and money and plant donations, to say nothing of the labor of love going into this. Smile.

Well, more smiles than sighs. Not really surprising is it?


As always, God bless us all!

Suzanne Flegal

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