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Midweek Advent Worship – Wednesday’s at 7pm

You’re Invited to Midweek Worship during Advent

Wednesdays at 7:00 PM (Dinner at 6:00 PM)

The Gifts of Advent : A Midweek Series for Advent

November 29: The Gift Patience

Waiting is hard. We eagerly anticipate the day of school or the
first snowfall. We wait to see a loved one or to hear a doctor’s news.
Just as the farmer waits for crops or the fig tree waits for summer, we
are reminded to be patient until the coming of the Lord.

December 6: The Gifts of Speech and Silence

Encountering the angel of the Lord, Zechariah was struck speechless.
His imposed silence became a time to reflect on the wonders of God.
Like Zechariah, we are called at times to be silent and listen, at other
times to shout with joy.

December 13: The Gift of Hope

Hope is a word on which our future rests. We cannot know what will
come, but with faith we place our hope in Christ. Like Zechariah, we
hope for the tender mercy of our God, light in the midst of darkness
and death, and the knowledge of salvation by the forgiveness of our

December 20: The Gift of Family

The Gospel of Matthew begins with a family tree from Abraham to
Jesus. Between the recitation of names, we also hear the story of God
at work in our world from generation to generation. The Advent and
Christmas seasons highlight the significance of family and friends in
our lives. We witness Mary and Joseph, Elizabeth and Zechariah, and
the shepherds together tending their flocks. As God’s children, we
become part of the family tree.

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