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Message from the Pastor


During the 2016 Congregation Meeting, one of the confirmands, Erin Woods, came up with these ideas for activities and ways to improve Holy Cross:


Hiking -walk in the forest and learn about animals

Family Fun Night – pizza, games, and pool table

Outdoor Day – plant things and help outside

Farm Day – we go to a farm with the little kids

Litterbug Day – we walk outside and pick up trash

Easter Egg Hunt

Story Read-Aloud -we read books about God and faith

Fingerpaint – everybody fingerpaints

4th of July – cookout and sparklers

Winter Cleanup – help shovel the driveways of people who are unable

Movie Night – popcorn, soda and a voted on PG movie $5 per person

Ice Skating?

Care Package Day – care packs for military members

3-6 Graders – hour of coding on a computer

Field Day – tag, water balloon fights

Zoo Day – we go to the zoo

Grow Butterflies from Caterpillars – company: Live Butterfly Garden

Make Poster to hang up about what God means to them


Ways to Make the Church Better

  • Plan better for how we will do things
  • Make materials open to use
  • Better social media outlets
  • Interesting ways to make money
  • Try to make things more fun
  • Give ways for people to know what to do at cleanups with checklists so we don’t just go to one person who is already busy.


Can anyone remember those words, “and a child shall lead them?” Remember that the Holy Spirit is always at work at Holy Cross and in all the world.

Blessings and love always,

Pastor Jones

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