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Life-Giving Lent Pt. 6

Today is Holy Saturday, the last day of Lent. As you may recall from my March Newsletter article, my Lenten discipline was simply to pay attention to the people and events that are life-giving here at Holy Cross. Here is what I observed this last week.

Holy Saturday

April 11 Tuesday—the 36th day of Lent   Joan McAdams gets today’s LGHC for her work on Altar Guild. She has led the team for the past year and has been diligent and conscientious in her duties. Thank you, Joan, for your service.

April 12 Wednesday—the 37th day of Lent   I get a smile on my face when I walk into our narthex and see the display for our Lenten appeal—a whimsical assortment of stuffed animals and pet products! It does a fabulous job of highlighting the compassionate work of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, this year’s Lenten appeal recipient. To Roy and our stewardship team, thank you for putting this together! Stewardship gets today’s LGHC!

April 13 Maundy Thursday—the 38th day of Lent   Esther Samuelson gets the LGHC Award today. She provided office coverage today when Eve was out. She has also been working to organize our records and create an archive for Holy Cross. I am thrilled to see this getting done. Thank you, Esther!

April 14 Good Friday—the 39th day of Lent   Bob Thompson does the sound for Holy Cross every Sunday, as well as for all our special services: Christmas Eve, Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and he makes himself available for funerals as well.   He serves faithfully and quietly. He would probably make a face at me if he knew I was saying this, but he is definitely one of the Holy Cross saints. An LGHC for Bob!

April 15 Holy Saturday—the 40th day of Lent   As I’ve been writing these reflections on what is life-giving about Holy Cross, I realize that there is so much that is unsaid, so many of you that I am grateful for but have not named here. There is so much life at Holy Cross—the children bounding forward for the children’s time, the youth cooking Easter breakfast, the Thursday morning Bible study, the fiber arts group, the list goes on and on.  Thank you, Holy Cross, for being a life-giving community of faith!

This has been a rewarding Lenten practice. I’ve enjoyed it and I hope you might want to try it as well sometime!

Have a blessed Easter!

Pastor Kleiber


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