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From the President – New School Year

The start of a new school year has always been more significant to me than the New Year we celebrate in January, I suppose because so much of my life has revolved around school. It’s no different this year at church. Rally Day marked the start of a new year of church activities and it promises to be an opportunity for so many ways to learn and serve and of course gather to worship.

Pastor Kleiber often shares articles with me to support my role in the Congregation. In a piece of serendipity, I saw another article along with her intended reading that I found very interesting. In the article titled Take Advantage of Transitions, from Faith and Leadership, David Odom wrote, “Any transition can be the occasion for slowing down; deeply listening to God, one another, constituents and the community; and discerning next steps.” That struck me as being so necessary for us and I think we have made a good start with many of you participating in conversations about our church with the Transition Team members this summer. They will continue to work this fall to prepare our Mission Site Profile, essentially a picture of our congregation to be presented to prospective Pastors. In January we will elect not only new Council Members, but also members of the Call Committee who will have the task of interviewing candidates and recommending a new Pastor who will lead us in the next chapter of the life of Holy Cross. What is your role in all of this? Clearly we all need to pray for the Spirit to lead us, but we also need to be involved: whether as Council members, Ministry team participants, occasional volunteers or prayerful supporters of our mission. It is to me a happy coincidence that our Stewardship Campaign that will culminate on Pledge Sunday has as its theme Embrace Generosity. We have spent the last months talking about our history and our hopes for the future. I hope we all will support the work God is calling us to with our time and our talents and of course our financial resources.

As always, God bless us all!

Suzanne Flegal

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