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Well, my thoughts may be only worth a penny, but there’s a king’s ransom worth of work underway! The Audit team convened at the beginning of June. They are busily reviewing 2016’s records and will prepare a report on their findings later this summer.  I’m extremely thankful that Ned Johnson and Joe Reilly agreed to help with the audit again this year, and that Rita Hacker has volunteered to fill the 3rd seat on the audit team.

During the last congregational meeting, you voted to move up the time of the annual meeting to November. That will provide the opportunity to approve a budget prior to starting its execution in the next calendar year.  What does this mean?  It means the Council is already putting together 2018 ministry budget plans. It means the Finance Team is developing 2018 income projections.  These will be finalized and synthesized over the summer, and shared with you in the early fall, so we can approach Commitment Sunday with some confidence on the needs of the church, and so that you will be able to vote on a 2018 budget in November.  Once you see the proposed budget, please prayerfully consider making a pledge for 2018.  We’ve set a goal of having at least 50 families complete pledges this year!  Why are pledges important?  A pledge helps the church plan for the upcoming year and moves our key programs forward.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or if you’re interested in helping with either of these groups in the future!

Deb Reilly (Council VP & Finance Team lead)

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