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Evening Advent Worship – 7pm on Wednesdays


Prepare the Royal Highway
A Midweek Series for Advent
Wednesdays in Advent at 7:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall

November 30: Highway Under Construction

How exactly do you prepare a highway for God? A passage from 1 Thessalonians offers a construction blueprint: rejoice, pray, give thanks, hold fast to what is good. In this way, we make a straight path into our hearts for the coming of Christ.

December 7: G.P.S. (God’s Positioning System)

What are your expectations for the Messiah? Likely not a tiny child ushering in a new vision of peace. Through the coming of Christ, God repositions and reorients our lives. Are you ready to follow God’s new direction?

December 14: Standing at the Crossroads

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Would Zechariah and Elizabeth doubt the angel’s message, or prepare for a newborn in their advanced age? Would Joseph quietly dismiss his pregnant betrothed, or accept the responsibility of raising Jesus as his own? When standing at a crossroads, do you also choose the leap of faith?

December 21: Detour Ahead

The unexpected inevitably happens. Angels burst in with news, unplanned pregnancies alter plans, the government demands registration in a distant and overcrowded town. God chooses the most radical detour of all: coming to our world in human form.

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