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Election Results from 2017 Annual Congregational Meeting

Thank you to all who participated in the Annual Meeting.
The election results are as follows:


Elected to Council:
President – Mike Berg
Vice President – Deb Reilly
Secretary – Helen Wolfe
Evangelism – Esther Samuelson
Stewardship – Mike Faulkner


Trustee:– Gene Bain


Nominations Committee:
Suzanne Flegal
Marcia Kratzke
Doug MacAdams
Roy Geiger


Synod Assembly:
Gene Bain
Suzanne Flegal
Nicole Lopez
Esther Samuelson


Call Committee:
Suzanne Baggett
Sam Carter
Vivian Jefferson
Sylvia Moran
Mike Rose
Lauren Weatherhead


To download copies of the important documents from the Annual Meeting, please follow the links below:




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