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Christian Education “Sticky Faith” (Sunday’s 10am – Gathering Hall)

Christian Education – STICKY FAITH

Join Pastor Kleiber on Sunday mornings as we view and discuss this video series together. We meet in the Gathering Area at 10am. 

How do we build a lasting faith in our young people? How do we help them lay a spiritual foundation that will endure? What does the research on faith development tell us?

The Sticky Faith Parent Curriculum is a five session video-based study that came from Dr. Kara Powell’s desire to see her own kids emerge from adolescence with their faith intact. Through personal, real-world experiences of research and sharing, The Sticky Faith Parent Curriculum presents powerful strategies and practical ideas, enabling you to impart a deep and lasting faith in your children.

November 25th – Sticky Faith Essentials

December 2nd – A Sticky Identity

December 9th – Family Conversations about Faith that Sticks

December 16th – Your Sticky Faith Team

December 23rd – The Ups and Downs of the Sticky Faith Journey

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