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Bake Off!!

A Delicious Way to Donate to the American Cancer Society: May 3rd 2015

Desserts will be available for tasting between services and during the lunch.    Voters can purchase tickets to vote for their favorite dessert and have a chance to take it home with them.

Flour-up!  Bakers of all ages are invited to submit a dessert for the bake-off.  Categories include:  cakes, pies, cookies, candies, chocolate, fruit, gluten-free, young bakers (aged younger than 13), and teen bakers (aged 13-19).

Baker Rules:

  1. Submit two items/batches of your entry: one to be divided for tasting at the bake-off and one for giving away to a lucky fan. (Example:  if you are baking a chocolate cake, bring two cakes made with your recipe.  If you are submitting cookies, bring four dozen – 2 dozen will be for tasting and 2 dozen given away).
  2. Label your item with ingredients for allergy-safety. Do not put your name on the label.

Awards for bakers and voters:

  1. Voters will purchase tickets to use to submit their votes in a box placed with each entry. You can submit multiple votes for a dessert!
  2. At the end of the event, tickets will be counted for each entry. The winning entry in each category will receive an award. Judges will also give awards for creativity, taste, presentation,
  3. A ticket will be drawn from each entry. The voter with the selected ticket gets to take the “whole” version of the dessert. So, if you really liked that chocolate cream pie- stuff the voting box with tickets!

Contact the Fellowship Chair for more information!

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